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Thursday, February 2, 2012

It all Starts With A.....Pink Lemonade pre-party Planning!

A napkin, plate, a dollar aisle item, or in this case, a piece of fabric.....Anything, at any moment can spark an idea that heads straight down a path of party planning, which is 1 of my most favorite things to do! I knew the theme a long time ago, and got it ok'd with Addie, but had been struggling w/ the color palette; Stupid I know, but a playful stressor. There's pastels and traditional/ vintage-inspired anything for a lemonade-themed party and I was prepared for that, but then I found this:
It's the fabric in the foreground! Unfortunately, my camera is awful but when I seen the bright "lemon" yellow I knew I had tablecloths at home that would work great with this! With any luck, I will get one of my sewing friends to trim this out in big hot pink poms and we'll be in business! Hoping to tie it in with some fabric penannt banners too! Not at all what I had orginally envisioned, but I am finally excited about the possibilities :) Can't you just see a huge jar of bright yellow lemons sitting on this?

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