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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Who doesn't like FREE????? Valentine's Day Printables

I am planning a Valentine's Ice Cream Social. I can't help it. I have always wanted to do a Valentine's Day party for my kids and I'm trying very hard to be "good" and keep it simple, which is why I chose an ice cream social. After visiting a few of my favorite places for stationery, I was out of luck on Valentine's stock. But lo and behold, I found all kinds of printables for FREE on one of my favorite blogs-Catch My Party. Buffet labels, straw flags, banners, everything-for FREE!!!! Here's the link
This is 1 of my favorite ones, but there are more styles and vendors to choose from!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fun Shopping Finds, Party Re-organization, and Cookies of the Week!

Shopping is probably one of my favorite things to do, and often times, I do buy ahead or after holidays for the next season. The downside is, you have to have storage space, but the upside is, I save money and I always forget what I've bought, so it adds a little excitement when I'm pulling everything back out the next year. I love to celebrate, and I always like to have plenty of party stuff for any occasion or an impromptu cook-out or "get together" with friends. I re-organized all of my party stuff today. Christmas, Halloween, Birthday-I'm ready!
I also found some cool stuff for next Christmas this week! I bought 5 boxes of Christmas cards/invites for next year, plus, some stationery for my 2 kiddos that I'm sure will end up in their Valentine's Day treat bags. I skipped the pricey set-up fees, and came home and personalized the stationery w/in 5 minutes. Everything was under $18~ Yahoo!
I think they turned out pretty good! Not bad for $2 a box
I also got to run in Williams Sonoma. I really like using apothecary jars, etc. for decorating and of course, for parties. I like groupings of 3 in pretty much anything I's the Trinity; whether it's flowers/shrubs outside or candlesticks inside. I already had 2 jars and needed 1 more in a certain shape. That's when I found this:
If you look closely, the lid has a cut-out area. It's really a punch bowl, but  it will have a dual purpose and only $19.99
 Here's what rolled out of the kitchen this week:
Boston Red Sox cookies for Isaac

Hello Kitty, Snowmen, and Baseballs for our baseball coach's daughter.

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Little Corner of the Internet~Joining in the Blogging Fun!

O.K. I don't know why I haven't checked into doing a blog a lot sooner.....I love to write and I love the creative outlet they provide! It's kind of under unfortunate circumstances that I looked in on the whole blog scene, as I was watching over my very sick little girl who was asleep in my bed as I surfed the internet all night.  I have utilized blogs over the years countless times for detailed party and cookie ideas. I figured if they have helped me, maybe some of my ideas could help others too :)